Omkara and Shwetlana plot against Kaali Thakur in Dil Boley Oberoi


Gauri decides to tell her truth to Omkara. She thinks to go back to Kaali Thakur, as he wants to hurt Omkara. Jhanvi and Buamaa learn Gauri’s shocking truth and confront her for the same. Buamaa asks Gauri to speak up, if she knows Kaali Thakur. Buamaa asks her to share the problem, as she is their bahu now. Gauri tells Omkara and Kaali Thakur’s enmity. She says I m the reason of their enmity, Kaali Thakur has come to take her, Kaali and his brothers wanted to marry me. She tells them everything how Omkara saved her from Kaali Thakur’s men.

Jhanvi and Buamaa support Gauri. They stand up Gauri and give her strength. Gauri says Kaali Thakur will leave from Omkara’s life if I handover myself to him. Buamaa warns Gauri not to go in front of Kaali Thakur. Jhanvi says fate united you and Omkara, you should not go back to that hell. Gauri worries for Jhanvi’s life. Jhanvi asks her to let Tej and Kaali Thakur do anything.

Tej comes up with the divorce papers and shows Jhanvi. Kaali Thakur plans to kill Omkara. Shwetlana tells Omkara that she wants to help her. He says nothing should happen to Jhanvi. He does not believe her. She says I want to support you as your fight is with Kaali Thakur. She assures that she won’t go back to Tej. Shwetlana and Omkara join hands to break Tej and Kaali Thakur’s deal.

Omkara and Shwetlana have a fake fight in front of Kaali Thakur. Shwetlana and Kaali Thakur spend some time together, as per Omkara’s plan. Gauri hides and records their moments. Gauri tells Omkara that she has taken Kaali Thakur and Shwetlana’s video. Omkara does not care for the video, as it was Shwetlana and his plan. Omkara tells Gauri that he told this to Shwetlana. He asked Shwetlana to find out about the deal, so that they can cancel the deal. Shwetlana clears that Chulbul is not part of this plan. Gauri finds out Kaali Thakur’s plan to kill Omkara.


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