A win-win deal for Chandrakanta and Virendra


Chandrakanta and Virendra find reasons to meet. She asks does he not want anyone to share his feelings. He says I do feel the need of a friend, and now I think my wait is over. He stays around Chandrakanta as her shadow. She thinks of just Virendra, when she is in any problem. Chandrakanta’s loving side is seen when she is with Virendra. He finds her kiddish to get scared of a cockroach. Virendra recalls how he left the cockroach to divert her mind, while he looks for the keys. While she hugs him, he sees the keychain stuck in her clothes. Virendra tries to get the keys from her. He fails to get the keys.

Chandrakanta gets to know Virendra’s truth. She gets disheartened. She calls him a thief and a cheat. She asks him not to give any clarification now, as his true face came out in front of her now. Virendra came there to steal the Tilismi keys. She says you showed your bravery and became minister and my body-guard, you should be called a fraud. Virendra is angry by her taunts. Chandrakanta does not let him explain. He shouts enough, not a word anymore now. He says winning our own thing back is not called a theft, you have taken my keys and got it here to Vijaygarh, that’s called a theft.

She asks him to stop arguing. She says I did not steal anything, I just got the keys there and got it here. He says you accepted it happily thinking Shivdutt gifted you the keys by love. They have a heated argument. Virendra says I risked my life and saved you many times. They blame each other. They get informed about Shivdutt’s attack on Vijaygarh. Chandrakanta worries and does a deal with Virendra. She asks him to help him in failing Shivdutt, and she will help him in getting the keys. They agree on the terms to make it profitable situation for both of them.


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