A proud moment for Yashpal in Meri Durga


Durga comes back home by taking lift from a govt. officer. Yashpal feels proud hearing good things about Durga. Durga realizes Amrita did not tell Yashpal about her low marks in the test. She gains courage and tells Yashpal about failing in the test, despite working hard. She fears his reaction, but does not want to cheat him by lying about high marks. Durga’s honesty and courage touch Yashpal’s heart. He feels more proud of little Durga for holding courage to speak out the truth to him. He asks her to be determined and work hard to achieve good marks in next exam.

Billu reaches home to get money from Sheela. Sheela refuses to pay him anything. Billu angrily shouts out about the plan to tease the girls. Amrita hears Billu and assumes Madhav to be that person who hired Billu for teasing her. She gets angry on Madhav. Durga wakes up at night and sees Madhav. She gets mistaken that he is a thief and beats him up. Fortunately, Amrita comes to his rescue. Amrita tells Durga about the tenant. Madhav taunts Amrita to be teaching such things to Durga to beat anyone without knowing truth. Yashpal drops Durga to Bhiwani to fulfill their dreams.

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