Krishna to turn insecure in Suhani Si Ek Ladki


Krishna was much annoyed and upset with Suhani, when Suhani was pregnant. She felt she should have got a child. When Suhani gets labor pains and baby came in the world, Krishna gets happy seeing the baby. Pratima hands over the baby to Krishna. Krishna welcomes the baby, who has brought much happiness in her life. Dadi and Pratima give shagun to the baby girl. Krishna and Saiyyam gets completed by the little baby. Saiyyam is Suhani and Yuvraaj’s son. Rags says its Birla’s son. She tries to spoil Krishna’s happiness, saying it’s not Krishna’s child.

Everyone suggest the name for the baby. Saiyyam says I want a simple name, we can name her Anshika. Saiyyam and Krishna name their daughter. Dadi likes the name. Rags says I would have suggested a good name. Dadi gets angry on servant for cleaning her room without permission. Dadi hides some papers from everyone and makes headache excuse. Saiyyam and Krishna try to pacify the baby at night. Suhani comes to them hearing the baby crying. She consoles the baby. Krishna worries as Suhani took the baby back. Suhani tells Krishna that the baby is her daughter, and she will not give her to Krishna. Krishna asks Suhani how can she do this. Krishna feels insecure.


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