Naina to get attacked in Pardes


Naina goes to watch the live match. She is accompanied by her body guards. She is excited to watch the match. The man attacks her. Armaan tells Raghav that he has done not any attack on Naina. He defends himself. He shouts on Raghav for blaming him. Harjeet asks Raghav not to misunderstand Armaan. She says Armaan and Khurana love each other a lot, and Armaan will support Khurana if you blame us. She asks the matter. Raghav tells them about attacks on Naina. Armaan says Raghav was indirectly blaming me, Khurana is hearing to Raghav silently, as I m his step brother. Raghav gets to know this truth.

Naina fears for her child’s life. The man fixes the bomb to her body, leaving no chance of survival for her. Naina asks the man to ask ransom from Raghav, but not harm her baby. The man tells about his revenge. Naina panics. Harjeet apologizes to Raghav. Khurana gets annoyed with Raghav for blaming his family and hurting Harjeet’s heart. Naina tries to run away. She falls down on her belly and gets hurt. Raghav worries for Naina and tries to take police help. Naina reaches the cliff to get saved from the attackers. Raghav tries to save Naina. She falls down the cliff to save Raghav from the bomb. Raghav jumps after Naina to save her. Will Raghav and Naina face their end? Keep reading.


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