Raghav to get suspicious about Khuranas in Pardes


Raghav looks for Naina. He figures out her location by tracking her GPS. Naina thinks of informing Raghav and police to remove the bomb. Naina promises the child that she won’t let anything happen to them. Naina prays to Hanuman. She tries to find the way out of the building. Raghav reaches close and fails to spot her. He thinks where did she go. Harjeet asks the goons about Naina. Goon tells her about Naina running away. Harjeet gets angry. Goon tells her about the bomb tied to Naina, she can’t survive now. Harjeet asks them to kill Naina any how.

Raghav says I can’t ignore the danger clouding on Naina’s head. He calls inspector and asks him to investigate the matter, Naina has gone missing. Naina comes out of the building and finds the exit. The goons find her. Naina shows them the activated bomb, and they get away from her.

Raghav makes Khurana’s family interrogated by police. Khurana starts hating Raghav again. Raghav files Naina’s kidnapping complaint. Harjeet sheds tears to do drama. Khurana defends his mum. Inspector asks Raghav about the bodyguards sent by Naina.

Naina tells the goons that now they will die along with her. The goons run away. Raghav reaches the building and finds the bodyguards dead. He gets determined to reach Naina. Harjeet is relieved that Naina will never come back now. Naina reaches the cliff, being helpless with no option than to die. She sees the timer count getting down and panics for the baby.


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