Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus Quick Sneak peek of Top 2 Prime Hits

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ashok instigates Gagan to reach Adi and stop his wedding with Aaliya. The family is happy for Adi and Aaliya’s sangeet. The family showers love on Adi and bless him for a wonderful life. Raman asks Ishita to go and get ready for sangeet. Ishita looks for Roshni. Ishita meets her and asks her to wear new clothes, get ready soon and come. Mani is happy for Aaliya’s new journey. He hugs Aaliya with huge blessings. Shagun asks Mani to stop being emotional and not make the bride cry. Shagun asks Aaliya about her engagement ring. Aaliya does not get the ring in her room. She realizes the ring might have gone with parlor lady, along with the makeup items. She asks Shagun and Mani to reach venue, they will get the ring from parlor lady and come. Ashok asks Gagan to reach the hotel and stop Adi’s sangeet. Aaliya gets her ring from the parlor lady. Gagan spots Aaliya on the way.


Shivay and Anika go for a drive. His car breaks down. The car gets heated. Anika takes a bottle in hurry. She assumes its water and pours petrol on the car. The car catches fire and blows. Shivay argues with her for burning his car. She says I did not know there will be petrol in water bottle. He says I did not know my wife is so talented to burn my car. They start walking and come across some trees. They eat the fresh berries which Anika plucks for free from trees.


Ramakant/Ricky is worried. He has reached the Chawl. He thinks where is Sita, I m not getting any food here, it would have been good if I stayed in jail, atleast I would get food on time. Sita gets the tiffin for Ricky. She has found him drunk and fallen somewhere. She felt bad for Ricky and got him to the chawl. She rescued him. She wants to help Ricky and take care of him, as he is Gopi’s son, the Modi family have helped him a lot, Sita is doing everything for Ricky. Ricky keeps demands and asks her to get sweets. Sita does not love him anymore. She taunts him for getting bitterness in his life, by leaving his family, he should be thankful to get food, how can he keep demands. He gets angry. She says truth is always truth, which wrong person can’t understand. She gets the sweets for him and fulfills his wish.

Dil Boley Oberoi:

Kaali Thakur shocks Omkara by his plan. He asks Omkara to play such game in which he can win. He asks Omkara to meet his pet crocodile. Omkara realizes Chulbul’s warning. Kaali Thakur tells Omkara that Tej and his deal has got signed before. He says I came here to get you here. Buamaa takes a shocking angry avatar and beats up Kaali Thakur’s men. Jhanvi is taken to Kaali Thakur. Jhanvi gets shocked seeing Omkara in cage, while Omkara worries for her. Gauri and Rudra plan to come there and rescue Omkara. Kaali Thakur calls the groom Tej, and tells Jhanvi and Omkara about Tej and Shwetlana’s marriage happening today. He calls the bride. Shwetlana refuses to marry Tej. Kaali’s men catch Shwetlana and get her to Tej.


Raghav looks for Naina. He figures out her location by tracking her GPS. Naina thinks of informing Raghav and police to remove the bomb. Naina promises the child that she won’t let anything happen to them. Naina prays to Hanuman. She tries to find the way out of the building. Raghav reaches close and fails to spot her. He thinks where did she go. Harjeet asks the goons about Naina. Goon tells her about Naina running away. Harjeet gets angry. Goon tells her about the bomb tied to Naina, she can’t survive now. Harjeet asks them to kill Naina any how.


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