Gauri to rescue Omkara in Dil Boley Oberoi


Gauri takes Chulbul’s avatar and heads to meet Kaali Thakur to rescue Omkara. Kaali Thakur catches her and asks her how did she come to kill him being such a weak guy. Gauri reveals her identity truth to Kaali Thakur and asks him to leave Omkara. Kaali Thakur gets a shock seeing her. He recalls how she cheated him. He asks her did Omkara and she cheated him together. Gauri tells him that it’s not Omkara’s mistake, he does not know her truth. Kaali Thakur likes the surprise. He says you are my weakness, you have to come with me.

Gauri apologizes to him and says I will come with you, just free Omkara. Kaali Thakur tells her that he can’t leave Omkara, as he lost his brother because of Omkara. Kaali Thakur shows the remote by which crocodile will get released from cage and reach Omkara. He asks her to do as he says, and make Shwetlana ready for marriage. Gauri gets Shwetlana for marriage. Shwetlana unwillingly gets dressed as bride and comes for marriage with Tej. Tej and Kaali Thakur’s moves angers Omkara. Jhanvi feels Tej is a disgusting man to keep his sons close to death and marry Shwetlana. Kaali Thakur makes Tej and Shwetlana take wedding rounds. Gauri prays to Lord to do some miracle and save Omkara’s family from the problems. Omkara gets freed and decides to settle scores with Kaali Thakur.


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