Shivay and Anika’s tiffs to continue in Ishqbaaz


Shivay and Anika have an argument, after Sahil tells Anika about Shivay visiting the orphanage to know about her roots. Anika gets annoyed with Shivay, and asks him why does he want to know a person’s background. She explains him the difference between humans and objects. Shivay thinks to surprise her after learning about her family. He does not have interest in knowing her background for satisfying his doubts. He thinks Anika has right to know about her mother and family. He does not tell her anything regarding his search. He plans to tell everything to Anika once he gets to know true information.

Anika feels Shivay wants to scratch her old wounds, and that would never give her any soothing peace. She asks him not to change his perception. Anika stops Shivay on the way and accompanies him on the trip to continue their arguments. Their cute arguments with flashes of their old moments are seen. Anika and Shivay reach some old house, after the car burns by Anika’s mistake. Pinky hires a lady to act as Anika’s mum and fool Shivay. Anika and Shivay have some light moments, getting affected by some berries.


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