Munni and Bittu’s explosive love story begins in Jaat Ki Jugni


Jyoti has kidnapped Munni, and tried to run away with her love. Bittu follows them to save Munni. Jyoti is helpless and apologizes to Munni. She pushes Munni down the car. Bittu reaches there to save Munni. He has promised Bau ji that he won’t let anything happen to Munni. Jyoti does not want Munni to get involved in their story. Munni asks Bittu why did he risk his life for her, why did he do this. She asks him to say it.

Bittu jumped from the bike to save Munni. He tells her that he loves her. She gets tensed. He jokes and says I did not mean this, I m just kidding. She does not understand what’s happening. Bittu asks her does she think he is so mad that he will love her, he slipped from the bike and fell down, why is she getting romantic. He laughs on her. Munni slaps Bittu. She cries and knows their love story is not possible. Munni is falling in love with Bittu, and even he is feeling inclined towards her. How will their love story develop? Keep reading.



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