Ragini’s move to win ruling powers in Udaan


The villagers insult Imli and ask her to leave from village, Imli refuses to go. The villagers throw stones at her. The villagers say if Imli stays in the village, it will be bad affect on the girls. Chakor comes to Imli’s rescue. Suraj and Vivaan have an argument over Imli. Vivaan connects Suraj and Imli’s links. Suraj explains Vivaan that he just loves Chakor, he is just a friend for Imli, he is not the father of her child.

Vivaan says there is still time, accept its your child, show some courage, she is bearing all the insult alone, go and support her, this is happening because of you, I have abandoned her, the villagers have shut the doors for her also, you take a step. Vivaan still doubts on Suraj. Suraj gives clarification that its not his child. Chakor and Suraj worry for Imli, who got homeless and is abandoned. The villagers did not accept Imli.

On the other hand, Ranjana tries to keep Bhaiya ji at home. Bhaiya ji’s madness gets high. He does not get controlled by everyone. Ragini is playing the game to get the throne. She wants Bhaiya ji’s powers and is making him mad. by injecting drugs. Ragini can’t tolerate Vivaan taking any decision alone and confronts him. Vivaan asks Ragini to work as a team, rather than leading the village single handed. Ragini angrily shoots things in her room and gets her anger out. Will Ragini trust Vivaan? Keep reading.


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