Chandrakanta’s intense emotions for Virendra


Chandrakanta wants Virendra to get fine. She is restless. She dances and does tandav, with tears in eyes. Shivdutt has attempted to kill Virendra. Virendra is fighting with death. Chandrakanta thinks of him and dances. Kroor Singh is also trying to kill Virendra. He does not want Virendra alive. Chandrakanta dances with intense emotions. She has pain on her face and belief in Mahadev. She has realized her love for Virendra. She dances till she drops down. She feels there is some deep connection with Virendra.

The pure love bond is clear for her now. The poison from Virendra’s body is not expelling. She talks to Mahadev and confides her feelings for Virendra. She prays for Virendra’s safety. Kroor Singh also likes Chandrakanta and wants to remove Virendra from his way. He tries to suffocate Virendra by pressing the pillow on his face. Chapla comes there and asks Kroor Singh what is he doing. He lies to her and leaves. Virendra gets saved by Chandrakanta‚Äôs efforts.


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