Omkara-Gauri’s love-hate relation begins in Dil Boley Oberoi


Kaali Thakur and Omkara get into a fight. The story reaches the same point, where Kaali Thakur catches Gauri. Shwetlana uses the chance and shoots Kaali Thakur, to get rid of the person who is threatening to reveal her past. Kaali Thakur and Gauri fall down the cliff, after he gets shot. Omkara can’t lose Chulbul and saves them from death.

Kaali Thakur kidnaps Chulbul. Omkara reaches the haveli to save his friend. He does not know Gauri is playing double role. He looks for Chulbul. Omkara heads to the room and see someone covered in blanket. He gets to see Gauri captured by Kaali Thakur. Omkara and Gauri have come face to face. Omkara gets a big shock knowing Gauri was in Chulbul’s disguise. Omkara gets angry. Gauri lies to Omkara to hide her identity.

Omkara and Gauri come back home safely. Omkara gets angry on Gauri and shouts on her, asking her to leave from his room. Omkara does not want to accept Gauri as his wife. Omkara asks Gauri to get out, and not give any opinion. There will be intense drama between Omkara and Gauri.


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