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Gopi feels bad for Jaggi. She regards her responsible for Jaggi’s state. Kokila believes Gopi is not guilty. Gopi cries and tells Kokila that Jaggi would have been fine if she helped him in time, I have lost Jaggi’s trust, I fell in his sight. Kokila says its your thinking, try to understand, when person loves someone, he gets annoyed by little things. Urmila tells the kids to go out and play. Gopi says we all can go out and play together. She wants to take Jaggi with them. The kids try to cheer up Jaggi.

Dil Boley Oberoi:
Omkara and Gauri have come back home safely. Omkara gets angry on Gauri and shouts on her, asking her to leave from his room. Omkara does not want to accept Gauri as his wife.


Chandrakanta wants Virendra to get fine. She is restless. She dances and does tandav, with tears in eyes. Shivdutt has attempted to kill Virendra. Virendra is fighting with death. Chandrakanta thinks of him and dances. Kroor Singh is also trying to kill Virendra. He does not want Virendra alive. Chandrakanta dances with intense emotions. She has pain on her face and belief in Mahadev. She has realized her love for Virendra. She dances till she drops down. She feels there is some deep connection with Virendra.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar is worried as Piyush is always blamed for wrong things. She wants to know his truth. She gets him somewhere. Piyush asks him why are all the doors are shut. She asks him does he trust her. He says more than anyone else. She says then you have to do his Agnipariksha. He asks what’s the test. She gets the test to see if Piyush has Kaal shadow. Piyush is possessed by devil. He attacks on Simar. Simar falls in danger and gets to know Kaal is possessing Piyush. Simar has protected entire family.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:

Dev is much angry and beats a man in presence of police. He could not tolerate the man telling wrong about Ishwari. He goes to find Sonakshi. He learns Sonakshi is outside in lawn and heads to share something with Sonakshi.


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