Kaali Thakur to deceive Omkara in Dil Boley Oberoi


Omkara gets caught by Kaali Thakur and his men. Omkara fails to find Chulbul. He sees Gauri in Chulbul’s place and gets mistaken. Omkara’s anger gets high. He points gun at Kaali Thakur, and asks everyone not to move. Gauri thinks of doing something, seeing Omkara restless to find Chulbul. Omkara thanks Lord for making him meet his Chulbul. Kaali Thakur wanted to kill Chulbul and then marry Gauri. Kaali Thakur takes a sword to kill Chulbul. Omkara asks Kaali Thakur to get away from Chulbul.

Kaali Thakur is going to marry Gauri. He does not want Omkara to come in between again. Omkara beats the men. Kaali Thakur fools Omkara with fake Chulbul. Omkara keeps everyone at gun point and leaves with fake Chulbul. Gauri begs to Kaali Thakur to leave Omkara and Buamaa. Omkara hates Gauri, but has good bond with Chulbul. Omkara will discover he got someone else in Chulbul’s getup. Kaali Thakur has kept Gauri’s words and sent Omkara away. Will Omkara get to know Gauri’s truth and save her from Kaali Thakur by stopping the marriage on time? Keep reading.


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