Kaal’s truth to get revealed in Sasural Simar Ka


Simar’s devotion will help her fighting with Kaal. Kaal’s hand gets the shock when he tries to hold Simar. Simar does not see Kaal. Piyush asks her is everything fine, or is there any other Agnipariksha. Simar apologizes to him and says I know you dislike this, but this was necessary to save you. The family keeps havan at home. Simar completes the puja and gets Mata Rani’s blessings. Simar gets the kundli papers and gets suspicious about Piyush. Se finds another clue. She gets a note from Roshni’s dad who dies in the hospital. She tells Mata ji that Roshni’s dad have written killer’s name, he has just written P, instead full name, what can be its meaning.

The people say they have just seen a shadow in the hospital. The man says someone has attacked Roshni’s dad in hospital and killed him. Roshni’s dad has seen Piyush’s face before dying and wrote P in the note. The man sees Piyush and describes the killer’s personality was similar to Piyush. Roshni and Simar get a shock. Piyush breaks down emotionally. Simar has to find Kaal and control him. Simar makes Piyush have medicines. Piyush gets unconscious. Simar ties Piyush by the chains, keeping a stone on her heart. She does not want Kaal to kill anyone else. Mata ji feels sorry for Piyush. Kaal will be coming out in front of Bharadwaj family.


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