TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Harman’s eyes get stuck at Soumya, while making the hut. He twists the metal wire and injures his hand. Soumya cares for his wound. Harman and Soumya’s togetherness will be seen, with less sorrow and more fun moments.


Gopi is falling in love with Jaggi. She assures him his recovery. She smiles eyeing him from far. She gets hope after Jaggi forgives her. Gopi takes care of Jaggi. He feels her concern is love. Gopi asks Jaggi not to be angry and annoyed, as he will get fine and walk on his feet very soon. She asks him to give his sorrows to him. Jaggi does not want to do this, he loves her and wants to make all sacrifices from his side. He can’t see Gopi hurt.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar’s devotion will help her fighting with Kaal. Kaal’s hand gets the shock when he tries to hold Simar. Simar does not see Kaal. Piyush asks her is everything fine, or is there any other Agnipariksha. Simar apologizes to him and says I know you dislike this, but this was necessary to save you. The family keeps havan at home. Simar completes the puja and gets Mata Rani’s blessings. Simar gets the kundli papers and gets suspicious about Piyush. Se finds another clue. She gets a note from Roshni’s dad who dies in the hospital. She tells Mata ji that Roshni’s dad have written killer’s name, he has just written P, instead full name, what can be its meaning.

Samar confesses his love to Maya. Maya slaps him. Arjun sees Maya crying and does to her. Maya lies to him and leaves with him. Samay hides and sees them. Maya has planned everything to get Arjun. She loves Arjun madly. Samay is also crazy like Maya. Maya controls his madness. Samay can go to any extent to get his love. Samay wants to be with Maya any way. Arjun does not know Maya and Samay’s past. Will Arjun and Saanjh get to know the truth?

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Dil Boley Oberoi:

Omkara gets caught by Kaali Thakur and his men. Omkara fails to find Chulbul. He sees Gauri in Chulbul’s place and gets mistaken. Omkara’s anger gets high. He points gun at Kaali Thakur, and asks everyone not to move. Gauri thinks of doing something, seeing Omkara restless to find Chulbul. Omkara thanks Lord for making him meet his Chulbul. Kaali Thakur wanted to kill Chulbul and then marry Gauri. Kaali Thakur takes a sword to kill Chulbul. Omkara asks Kaali Thakur to get away from Chulbul.


Aman threatens Avni to do as he says, else he will kill Neela. Avni gets a shock and realizes Dayavanti has made Aman an animal. She is sure to reform Aman and make her Aisha’s son. Neil gets curious to find out Avni and Aman’s connection. Ali realizes Ananya is his Avni and is very happy to get her back. Aman takes revenge and scares Avni of death. Avni gets fearless and asks Aman to shoot. Aman shoots down Avni, which shocks Neil.

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