Bharadwaj family abandons Piyush in Sasural Simar Ka


Piyush goes to attack Radha. Simar comes there. Radha gets scared of Piyush and hides. Roshni sees Radha hiding and asks Radha why is she scared. Radha says I have seen Piyush, he just went that side. Simar and Roshni worry, knowing they chained Piyush in his room. Everyone gets against Piyush, who has turned into Kaal now. Pari and Khushi ask Mata ji to send Piyush out of house. Simar says Piyush is my son, don’t say this. Mata ji says we can’t be selfish, I can’t risk all of my family for Piyush, he has to leave from this house.

Simar cries and says Mata ji you are saying this, you want Piyush to leave, I will face Kaal and free my son. She decides to teach a lesson to Kaal. She tells Mata ji that she will go against her son in order to stop Kaal. She shows her motives and intentions to Mata ji. She says I will not fall weak for my son this time, I should have taken this step 25 years ago, I will end Kaal. She sees Piyush going somewhere and shouts to him to come back. She fears Kaal is trapping Piyush more and more. What will Simar do to stop Kaal? Keep reading.


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