Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Swabhimaan: Sandhya checks Meghna’s room. Naina overhears Sandhya trying to instigate Meghna. Naina tries to anger Meghna asking her to take revenge for Sharda’s insult. After Nandkishore’s accident, Sandhya doubts Meghna is behind it. Meghna was responsible for accident, and Sandhya is finding clues. Naina feels Meghna has done wrong, but she will stand by Meghna. Sandhya gets a broken sim from dustbin. Meghna comes to her room and spots Sandhya.

Sasural Simar Ka: Piyush goes to attack Radha. Simar comes there. Radha gets scared of Piyush and hides. Roshni sees Radha hiding and asks Radha why is she scared. Radha says I have seen Piyush, he just went that side. Simar and Roshni worry, knowing they chained Piyush in his room. Everyone gets against Piyush, who has turned into Kaal now. Pari and Khushi ask Mata ji to send Piyush out of house. Simar says Piyush is my son, don’t say this. Mata ji says we can’t be selfish, I can’t risk all of my family for Piyush, he has to leave from this house.

Harman and Soumya work hard to earn a living. Harman feeds Soumya. Soumya is happy to have Harman with her. Harman’s love is much selfless. They take care of each other. Harman asks her to think of burnt food as great food, and have it. Harman does not know making food. Soumya helps him in cooking. Preeto comes to see them staying in a hut, where there are no basic necessities present. Preeto pities them. She gets some basic needs for them, so that their living gets easier. Preeto gets disheartened seeing her son living in such a hut. Will Preeto take Harman and Soumya back home?

Naagin 2:

Shivangi gets to know Rocky is most powerful Takshal Naag. Guru ji tells Shivangi about Rocky belonging to Takshak Naags. She sees the Naags taking Rocky and flying in air. Guru ji says the Naags can fly and are taking Rocky to Takshah Lok, once Rocky reaches there, he will know he is a naag. She burns the Naags and takes Rocky home. Rocky misunderstands her and says I will kill you if you come close. She asks him to kill her, but for once, see her love in eyes. Guru ji says Takshah clan is enemy of Seshnagh clan, if Shivangi stays close to Rocky, even she will risk her life. Rocky and Shivangi will be having a clan clash.


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