Marich to reveal Virendra’s clan truth in Chandrakanta


Chandrakanta and Virendra have a romantic moment. Chandrakanta’s presence around makes him feel for her. She makes him wear a precious beads necklace. She is very much in love with Virendra. She expresses her love for Virendra. He says I want to tell something to you. He thinks of revealing the truth to her. She asks him to sit quiet, and adorns him with jewelry. Virendra sees her love in eyes. She tries telling him why he came to her palace. Chandrakanta gets hurt. Virendra applies the ointment to her feet. He forgets to tell her the truth and explain. She gifts him the box which has Tilismi keys.

Later, Marich comes there to meet Chandrakanta’s father. Chandrakanta and Marich have an argument. She goes to attack him. Virendra holds the sword and stops her from attacking Marich. Marich says Virendra is not any minister, he is a prince. Chandrakanta gets a shock. Virendra’s truth has come out. Chandrakanta gets annoyed with him, and announces a punishment for him. Virendra gets tied by the soldiers. She punished Virendra to imprison him. The soldiers give a chance to Virendra, and asks him to leave from the province. The soldiers ask him to consider himself lucky, as Chandrakanta has spared his life. They ask him not to show his face in Vijaygarh again.


Chapla comes there and asks Virendra why did he cheat Chandrakanta. She says Chandrakanta has given her heart to you, she loved and trusted you, what did you give in return, you cheated her. Virendra feels guilty. Chapla says you did the mistake, but Chandrakanta got punished. Chapla’s words make Virendra regret his doings. Chapla says your motives are fulfilled, think the price which Chandrakanta paid for it, she did not do any mistake except loving a selfish man like you, its her fault to trust you. She reprimands him. Virendra turns upset. The soldiers ask him to leave right away. Virendra leaves from Vijaygarh.


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