Meera to fight for Dharam’s love again in Saathiya…


Meera is back in Dharam’s life. Bhavani’s clothes catch fire. Dharam worries for her, and lifts Bhavani to take her. Meera gets a shock, seeing Bhavani doing drama and snatching Dharam from her. Dharam married Bhavani to make Meera jealous. Bhavani wants to get close to Dharam. She gets insecure seeing Meera. Dharam feels Bhavani’s life genuinely fell in risk. Meera enters Dharam’s room to stay. Bhavani and Dharam ask Meera to leave from their room. Meera and Dharam did not get divorced yet. Meera is sure she will win Dharam’s trust again. Dharam gets angry on Bhavani after knowing the drama. He tells Bhavani that being his wife, she gets right to stay as his wife and get ancestral jewelry, but she won’t get his love. Meera hears Dharam and finds hope in her relation.

Meanwhile, Ricky gets his nanny home. He introduces her to Modi family. He says she has always supported me without any selfish motive, she is more than my mom, my best friend, my guide. Ricky and his nanny will plan against Modi family. Ricky acts good and does the aarti with Sita. He tries to make puja plate fall on Jaggi. Jaggi holds the plate. Jaggi asks Ricky not to act smart, as his legs are not working, but mind and hands are still working. He pushes Ricky and teaches him a lesson. Ricky tells nanny that everyone behaves badly with him here, its like a jail for me, I feel lonely here. Nanny supports him.


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