Sandhya gets clued in about Meghna’s deed in Swabhimaan


Sandhya checks Meghna’s room. Naina overhears Sandhya trying to instigate Meghna. Naina tries to anger Meghna asking her to take revenge for Sharda’s insult. After Nandkishore’s accident, Sandhya doubts Meghna is behind it. Meghna was responsible for accident, and Sandhya is finding clues. Naina feels Meghna has done wrong, but she will stand by Meghna. Sandhya gets a broken sim from dustbin. Meghna comes to her room and spots Sandhya.

Sandhya says I did not see anger in your eyes, I know you and you don’t lose so easily, what’s the matter, tell me if you got to know anything, I will help you in teaching a lesson to that person. Naina comes there and tells Sandhya that revenge word does not exist in their dictionary, as Sharda never taught this to them. She says we will never take revenge from anyone, and I m with my sister always. She shows support for Meghna, even when she knows Meghna has done Nandkishore’s accident. How will Sandhya find out Meghna’s truth?

Meghna and Kunal’s romantic sweet relationship will be seen again. They can cross any hurdle when they are together. Meghna shows the gold medal won by Kunal’s mum. Kunal realizes his mum was really talented, but he did not knew her talent till now. She says Nirmala won many certificates in classical dancing. He gets surprised and says mum always stayed silent, and never let us knew about her interests and talents. Meghna asks him to do something and make Nirmala fulfill her dreams. He asks Kunal to support Nirmala.


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