Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Sasural Simar Ka: Piyush’s Kaal avatar comes in front of Bharadwaj family. Kaal pushes Simar and knocks off everyone off his way. Piyush is affected by black spirit. He breaks the door and enters the house. Entire family gets shaken up seeing Piyush. Roshni gets to know about Piyush can be controlled by someone, who knows limiting black magic. Roshni thinks Riddhima can control Piyush. Aarav asks her to trust Riddhima once and give her a chance.

Swabhimaan: Kunal arranges a romantic date for Meghna. Meghna gets emotional seeing his love. Kunal surprises Meghna in a cute way. He thinks of grand things, but seeing the things available around, he plans an innovative welcome. Meghna happily cries. Kunal asks her how did tears come in her eyes, he never knew she is so emotional. He says I just know you have much anger in you, wipe your tears now. He says I planned to give you a red carpet welcome, but did not have the carpet around. He lifts Meghna and gives her a magical hug. He says I m stupid as I thought I love you more, but truth is you love me more.


Harman started doing petty things to earn money. Soumya wants to help him in managing the expenses. She lands in Harak’s friend’s house. Soumya becomes a maid. She wants to earn money and works in neighborhood. She keeps ghunghat on her face, as no one will give her work if they know she is Harman’s wife. She thinks Harman would also get angry knowing she is working as maid, and his respect in society can also tarnish. She hides from everyone. She gets the maid-cook’s work. She knows the necessity to earn.


Suraj lifts Imli and takes her to temple. Imli asks Suraj to leave her and pushes him. Suraj does not leave her and asks her how can she trust Vivaan so much, when he has ruined her respect in front of the villagers. Imli cries and hugs Suraj. Suraj takes Imli’s responsibility on his head, as he can’t see her in pain. Imli has much sympathy for Imli and respects her. He does not love Imli. Imli asks Suraj what did you do, you have lied to Vivaan that you will be called this child’s father.


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