Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Some dangerous dogs get after Harman. Harman gets attacked by the dogs. Harman is working as stunt man in a film, to earn a living. The director explains him the risk. Harman agrees to take any risk. Preeto worries and cries seeing Harman hurt. Harman gets the money from director.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Piyush left from home as Kaal. Piyush needed some place to stay, and went to Anjali’s house. He reacts normal as Piyush, and takes Vikram’s support. Vikram feels Piyush’s behavior weird, and tells Anjali that he should take Piyush home. Piyush then returns home, which surprises everyone. Anjali and Vikram get Piyush home. Piyush asks Simar what’s the matter, why are they all seeing him this way.


Naina and Karan come to Dargah and pray. Naina heard much about the Dargah and got Karan there to have a mannat. Naina prays for Karan’s job. She wants to boost his confidence. Karan is listening to Naina, as she is his friend. He is happy to get someone who is truly concerned for him. Naina wants his betterment. Karan agrees to her and comes to Dargah. They spend some time in the peaceful place. They make the mannat and tie threads to the wall.


Vivaan gets drunk and comes to haveli. He dances with Chakor. Chakor tries to stop him. She cries seeing his state. Suraj brings Imli to haveli. Vivaan pours the wine on the ground, and welcomes Imli and Suraj. Chakor and Vivaan are much hurt. Chakor slaps Imli angrily. Vivaan asks Imli did she accept that its Suraj’s child now. Suraj and Imli are helpless. Ragini and Ranjana stop Vivaan. Vivaan asks Chakor to have wine as well. He says it’s a party and we will celebrate as our partners cheated us. Chakor cries seeing Suraj. Suraj is so close to Chakor, and still much far. Suraj accepted he is the father of Imli’s child.

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