Omkara refuses to marry Shwetlana in Dil Boley Oberoi


After Gauri and Chulbul’s truth comes out, Buamaa and Jhanvi make Omkara accept Gauri as his wife, as that’s the only option to get rid of Shwetlana, who has high hopes to become Omkara’s wife. Omkara gets Gauri home, as his bride, while Shwetlana waits for Omkara in the marriage mandap, all dressed up as his would be bride. Omkara refuses to marry Shwetlana. Shwetlana does the marriage setup. She reminds him the prenup which he signed. She says if you refuse to marry me, I will get all your property.

Omkara tells Shwetlana that he did not sign any contract. He shows the papers and says I have named everything to my wife, but the shocking thing for you is to know that Gauri is my wife, not you. Shwetlana refuses to accept Omkara and Gauri’s marriage. She asks do you think I will agree if you get any girl in ghunghat and say she is your wife, I will not leave you so easily. Shwetlana loses Omkara’s property. Buamaa asks Shwetlana to get lost from the house. Buamaa unites Omkara and Gauri.


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