Vivaan and Chakor face a heart break again in Udaan


Vivaan gets drunk and comes to haveli. He dances with Chakor. Chakor tries to stop him. She cries seeing his state. Suraj brings Imli to haveli. Vivaan pours the wine on the ground, and welcomes Imli and Suraj. Chakor and Vivaan are much hurt. Chakor slaps Imli angrily. Vivaan asks Imli did she accept that its Suraj’s child now. Suraj and Imli are helpless. Ragini and Ranjana stop Vivaan. Vivaan asks Chakor to have wine as well. He says it’s a party and we will celebrate as our partners cheated us. Chakor cries seeing Suraj. Suraj is so close to Chakor, and still much far. Suraj accepted he is the father of Imli’s child.

Chakor is shattered by the deceive. Vivaan gets heartbroken seeing Suraj and Imli. He humiliates Imli. Suraj holds Imli’s hand and enters the haveli. Vivaan says I don’t care where Suraj and Imli go. He gets surprised seeing them home and does their grah pravesh. Chakor runs to her room and cries. Imli tells Chakor about Suraj’s plan. Chakor does not listen to Imli and slaps Imli repeatedly, asking Imli why did she cheat her, I did not think twice before giving Vivaan to Imli, then why did Imli snatch Suraj from her. Chakor asks Imli how can cheat her loving husband and sister this way. Suraj does not know if Chakor will trust him again or not. He tells Imli that he has shattered Chakor’s trust and fears to lose her.


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