Adi-Roshni’s marriage truth to surface in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita comes across the same man whom Romi and Adi presented as Roshni’s husband in front of the family. Ishita realizes the man is faking his accident to dupe her of money. She cleverly traps him in words and gets him home, so that Roshni can confront him for dumping her in a new city. Ishita gets the man home, which becomes a big shock for Adi and Roshni. The man apologizes to them seeing everyone putting blames on him, when he is not Roshni’s husband. He thinks to accept the blame and leave with Roshni. Adi and Romi stop him from taking Roshni along.

They teach him a lesson and then hand over some money to him, asking him not to be seen in their locality again. Romi assures Adi that Ishita will never know of Adi and Roshni’s marriage. Meanwhile, Aaliya keeps a request to Shagun for getting Kalire from Khandpur. Shagun lands in the village to get special bridal Kalire for Aaliya to make her wedding day more perfect. Shagun meets Roshni’s mum, but does not get to know the truth. Gagan finds it an opportunity to break Adi and Aaliya’s marriage truth to Shagun, and ruin Adi’s happiness. Will Adi and Aaliya get married? Keep reading.


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