Aditya’s true face gets sighted by Kartik in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Kartik unfolds the truth to Naksh shockingly

Naira convinces Kartik by her sweet and different style. Naira and Kartik’s romance is seen after many sorrowful episodes. Dadi informs everyone that Naira and Kartik have got together and will be making an entry in the party any moment. Entire family gets relieved of the tension. The couple enters the party and spreads joy around. Naira and Kartik cut the cake and celebrate his birthday. Kartik keeps a challenge for her to shout I love you to him in presence of family and guests. Naira completes the challenge, by playing loud music and shouting out her love, which reaches just Kartik’s ears. Kartik gets glad seeing her smart move.

Naira gets to see Aditya hurting Kirti in the party. She gets Kartik to show him Aditya’s truth, but fails. Aditya appears happy and presents a good image in front of everyone. Naksh helps Kirti in some work, which angers Aditya. He takes Kirti with him and forcibly feeds her the cake by annoyance. Kirti cries by facing humiliation. Kartik looks for Kirti in the party. Kartik gets to see Aditya’s true face, when he spots Kirti crying. Kartik rages to beat up Aditya and teach him a lesson for hurting his sister. Will Kartik and Naira be able to expose Aditya’s evil face in front of Goenka family? Keep reading.


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