Kaal to attack Simar and family in Sasural Simar Ka


Simar and Mata ji along with Riddhima try to control Kaal. They chain Piyush. Kaal is much powerful and breaks all the chain. He shouts he is Kaal and none can control him. Riddhima decided to control Kaak anyhow. Piyush says I will ruin this universe, Bharadwaj family can’t stop me, no tantra vidya can find a solution to control me, I m free of all bounds now. Riddhima’s mantras weaken Kaal for a moment. Riddhima fails in front of Kaal’s power.

Piyush holds Simar’s neck and throws away all the family members in an instant. Kaal has targeted Simar first when he has come back in their lives after 25 years. Simar feels Piyush is within Kaal, and he will not hurt her, but Simar’s belief fails when Kaal overpowers Piyush. Riddhima also gets hurt. Kaal will be ruining many lives. Simar falls unconscious, while the family worries for Simar. Kaal leaves from there.



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