Neil gets an evidence against Ananya in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Neil’s past and his love for Juhi will be seen. Neil calls Avni as Juhi and asks her not to leave him again. There is an emotional scene between them. Neil is feeling for Ananya, and does not want to see her as a criminal. He suspects Ananya has something to do with Dayavanti’s family. Neil gets an evidence. He plays the CD and checks the video. Neil got a proof and gets to know Ananya’s truth.

Neil gets angry on himself after knowing Avni’s true face. He turns upset thinking of his mistake to trust Ananya. He calls DD and asks him to prepare an arrest warrant for her. It so happens that DD sends an evidence for him. Neil checks the parcel. He gets the jewelry shop footage and sees Avni trying to hide the bangles. He understands Ananya has swapped the real gold bangles, not Diksha. Neil thinks what’s Ananya’s truth, the wound mark on her chest looks of some bullet or sharp object, but who can shoot Ananya. He is annoyed with Avni and gets flashes of his moments with her.


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