Meghna and Naina’s new task in Swabhimaan


Meghna and Naina ask Nirmala about her likes and dislikes. They want to know about Nirmala’s degrees and certificates. Nirmala asks them why are they questioning her. Meghna and Naina want to make Nirmala pursue a career, as she is very talented. Naina asks her why did she hide her certificates. Meghna says you are very talented. Nirmala accepts that she was a great classical dancer.

Meghna says everyone should know Nirmala’s talent, she is no less than Nandkishore. She is soft-hearted towards Nirmala. She still has to stand against Nandkishore’s thinking, but she wants Nirmala to become so successful that Nandkishore looks small. She does not want Kunal to fall in trouble because of her. She chose this way to teach a lesson to Nandkishore. She is sure that they will be successful in boosting Nirmala’s confidence.


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