Kareena to pose new problems for Soumya in Shakti


Soumya falls in trouble when Preeto comes to visit a friend. Soumya has put ghunghat on her face. It’s a birthday party happening. Preeto and Harak come there to attend the little boy’s birthday. Soumya serves the snacks to everyone, and hide from their sight by putting the ghunghat. She gives the milkshake to Chintu, who drinks the milkshake and guesses its made by Soumya. Soumya goes and hides in kitchen. She feels Preeto has found her truth anytime. She is staying in a hut with Harman. The couple is working hard to earn living. Soumya thinks if Preeto and Harak know about her, all her hardwork will go waste. She fears Harman’s family will lose respect in society, as she is working as maid in their friend’s house.

Preeto could not identify Soumya. Chintu tells the boy that he likes the milkshake made by Soumya. He will be revealing to Preeto about Soumya. Later on, Soumya gets insulted by Kareena and others. Kareena exposes Soumya’s truth in front of Happy Singh. She calls Soumya shameless and takes her out of the house. Surbhi raises a voice to support Soumya. The people ban kinners to work as maid in their house. Surbhi asks what if Soumya is a kinner, is she not a human. Saaya comes there and tells them that they are also humans, they have happiness and sorrow like then, they are like normal people, but with little change. She says you all should be ashamed for your thinking, you have no humanity, you people have no unity, we kinners can’t expect anything from so-called normal people. Surbhi and Saaya support Soumya.


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