Aditya links up Kirti and Naksh in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Kirti final departure line up more shockers

Aditya blames Naksh and Kirti of having an affair. He makes his driver lie in favor of him. Naksh beats the driver and asks him why is he lying. Kartik stops him. Aditya sheds crocodile tears and tells everyone that Kirti and Naksh are having an affair since before. Entire Goenka family gets shocked. Kirti breaks down by Aditya’s accusations. Kartik scolds Aditya for falling so low to stain Kirti’s character.

Dadi thinks Aditya should get a chance. Manish disagrees with Dadi. He does not want Kirti and Aditya’s relation to continue. Manish asks Dadi not to think of favoring Aditya. Dadi asks Kirti to keep up her marriage. Aditya tries hard to prove Kirti was the wrong doer in their relation. Kartik and Naira know Aditya’s truth well and believe Kirti. They have exposed Aditya’s truth to the family. Aditya was caught red handed by Goenkas, while he was torturing Kirti. Aditya thinks if he adds Naksh’s angle to this story, he will be forgiven. Dadi has a soft corner for Aditya and wants Kirti and Aditya to reconcile. Will Aditya come back in Goenka family to add up troubles? Keep reading.


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