Dramatic sorrow track may end soon in Udaan


Suraj tells Chakor that he loves her a lot, he will not give her divorce, he has married her, she is his wife. He says even you love me, that’s why you are hurt by this shocking thing. She thinks its pointless to stay together now. She can’t bear any third person in between them. Their relation is getting weak by the misunderstandings. Suraj fears his marriage will break. He explains Chakor about his love. Chakor asks him if she is his wife, then he has to answer her, why is Imli pregnant with his child. Suraj takes his angry avatar and burns the divorce papers. He is frustrated that Chakor is not understanding him. He can’t lose Chakor. He asks Chakor how can she leave him. He refuses to give her divorce.

Suraj asks her to send many papers, he will burn all papers till she gives him another chance. Suraj begs to Bhuvan to explain Chakor. Suraj and Chakor’s relation has broken. Suraj asks Chakor to realize his truth by the strength of her belief and love. Suraj tells her that every dream is a lie without her, he can’t live without her, he is incomplete without her. He deeply loves Chakor. His love falls short in front of her sorrow and pain. Bhuvan and Tejaswini stop Suraj from troubling Chakor. Suraj folds hands and requests them to give him some time to talk to Chakor.

Meanwhile, Ragini and Vivaan are happy as the villagers have signed the new contract. Vivaan says we will earn much money if work goes on this way, Kamal Narayan would have not seen so much money in his life. Bhaiya ji comes to them and sees the guns. He does not understand what’s happening. Ragini sends him away. Ragini’s plan to fool Vivaan of his medical illness will be known now. Ragini’s reign will come to an end, after Vivaan withdraws his support.


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