Huge twists add up drama in Ishqbaaz


Pinky changes the DNA reports before Shivay reaches the hospital. Pinky hides from Shivay. Shivay sees Priyanka in the hospital. She makes an excuse and hides Ranveer’s matter. Khanna asks Shivay to come, reports are ready. Shivay goes to collect reports. Pinky shreds the original reports. Shivay gets the CCTV footage and gets to know someone is changing the reports. He does not see clearly who has changed the reports. Shivay gets Anika’s call and informs her that reports are just as they wanted, he would come home and tell her the results. Shivay gets happy that reports were stolen and someone’s conspiracy proves Naintara is not Anika’s mum. Pinky and Naintara get into an argument. Pinky pays money to Naintara.

Naintara blackmails her for money. Pinky gets angry and thinks to kick her out of the house. Anika thinks why did Shivay not come home till now. Kamini meets Ranveer in hospital and asks him why did he take such a big risk. Ranveer says I know how to fall in a way which does not hurt the person, I have done this to make a place in Priyanka’s heart. Kamini feels proud of him. Priyanka shows pity for Ranveer. He gets glad seeing her care for him. Priyanka turns strong in front of him. Naintara creates drama in between Pinky’s kitty party. Pinky insults her to throw her out of the party. She asks Naintara to leave before she calls security. Naintara threatens to reveal Pinky’s truth to Shivay. Pinky is sure that Shivay will never believe Naintara. She pushes Naintara on the floor. In a moment, Shivay gets informed something shocking. He does not know how to react and gets shaken up. Pinky makes fun of Naintara, who wears a wig on her bald head. Anika defends Pinky in front of Naintara. Anika throws Naintara out of the house. Shivay comes home with fake reports, signing Anika of the cropping problems in their lives.


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