Divorce twist to crack Sukor’s bond in Udaan

Udaan: SuKor's remarriage, Gumaan's revelation and more...

Suraj is taking much care of Imli. Chakor comes to hospital. She sees Suraj with Imli. Suraj and Imli meet the doctor. Suraj asks Imli to sit well. Imli was hurt, and feared for the child. Suraj asks doctor how is the child. Doctor says baby is fine. Suraj tells doctor that he is the father of the child. He introduces himself. Chakor is not able to see them together. She gets jealous and leaves from there. Suraj and Imli get worried.

After reaching home, Chakor takes a decision. She gets the divorce papers and meets Suraj and Imli. Imli tries explaining Chakor to accept Suraj. Chakor scolds Imli for making her husband her sin partner as she was greedy to get a child. She shouts on Imli and asks why does she want Suraj to keep marriage. She says I don’t want this now, I don’t want to keep my marriage with Suraj. She asks Suraj to sign on divorce papers. Suraj refuses to her. Imli says Suraj loves you a lot, don’t do this. Chakor scolds Imli and Suraj. Chakor gets a gun and asks Suraj to sign, else she will shoot him. Suraj and Imli get shocked.

Suraj asks Chakor to shoot him and kill, but he will not sign. Chakor points gun at her head and asks Suraj to sign the papers, else she will shoot herself. She asks Suraj will he not sign papers now. Suraj tries to get the gun and asks did she get mad. She says sign else I will pull the trigger. He asks will you give up your life if I don’t sign. She says no, I can injure myself. She tells him that she will shoot her hand, if he does not sign. Suraj gets helpless and agrees to give her divorce for her sake. Suraj breaks the pen angrily and leaves with tears in eyes. Chakor cries seeing the divorce papers. Chakor’s blackmailing worked in her favor. Suraj is left with no choice. He tells Imli that he has lost Chakor forever now. Suraj lied to take a stand for Imli. He wants to save Imli’s child and could not explain this to Chakor.


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