Kartik to take a stand for Manish in Yeh Rishta….


Aditya has cancelled the business merger. Entire family is worried for Goenka company. Manish wants Kartik to work for his company. Kartik sees Manish begging to someone on call. He is hurt seeing Manish emotionally breaking down. He loves Manish. Naira asks Kartik to help Manish in business. Kartik does not want to leave Singhania company. Kartik sits worried and thinks of the merger cancellation effects. He thinks how will Goenka company balance this. He does not want to work in Goenka company. He can’t bear Manish shattered. He blames Manish for hurting his mum, but he has love hidden in his heart.

Naira wants to bring Kartik’s love for Manish out. Naira and Suwarna try to bring Kartik and Manish together. Naira asks Kartik not to take stress about work. She cheers him up and hugs. They have few light romantic moments. Kartik thinks of Naira’s advice and considers joining Goenka business. Naira’s heart is also hurt seeing Kirti’s state. She wants to make everything fine. Kartik talks to someone about the business deal. He tries to get the deal for Goenka company, so that the loss posed by Aditya can get covered up. Manish is happy seeing Kartik’s concern for him.


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