Naamkarann to have huge twists in Neil’s marriage


Dayavanti and her family are happy in Riya’s sangeet. Neil and Riya perform in the sangeet, while Avni and Ali perform together. Both the families are happy. Even the elders dance to celebrate. Neil wants to collect DNA samples of Fatima and Avni. He is making everyone dance and wants to cleverly workout his plans. He gets to tries Fatima and Avni’s hair strands, so that he can get their DNA test done and know their connection.

Later, Neil and Riya’s marriage will have big twists. Neil and Avni turn into groom and bride. Avni is taken to the mandap. Neil and Riya’s marriage was going to happen, but Avni takes Riya’s place. Neil and Avni will be getting married. Dayavanti gets the bride and makes her sit beside the groom. Neela hides Avni’s identity from the family. Will Neil find Avni’s real roots? Keep reading.


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