Naintara to kidnap Sahil in Ishqbaaz


Anika takes a stand for Pinky and makes Naintara leave from the house. Naintara gets humiliated by Anika and Pinky. Naintara aims revenge from Anika for disrespecting her. She kidnaps Sahil to build pressure on Shivay. Pinky is happy that Anika has herself kicked out Naintara from home, and Shivay and Anika’s relation will also suffer because of the truth known by DNA reports. Pinky thinks Naintara is gone forever. Shivay comes home with the fake reports, and tells Anika that Naintara is really her mum. Anika gets a huge shock and finds it hard to believe that Naintara is her mum. She does not want to get related to a bad-hearted lady. She gets frustrated thinking she has Naintara’s blood in her veins.

Shivay asks Anika to accept the truth that Naintara is her mum. He asks Anika to face the truth, rather than denying it. He brings Naintara home, much to Anika and Pinky’s shock. He tells Pinky that its his duty to respect Naintara, no matter what is her background. Naintara starts showing off her value to Pinky. The ladies get into an argument, while Shivay helplessly takes Naintara’s side, so that he can save Sahil from her. Shivay demands an answer from Naintara about Sahil. Naintara blackmails him to keep doing what she says, and promises to keep Sahil fine. Shivay gets worried for Sahil’s life, and also feels guilty to be responsible for Anika’s tears. How will Shivay save Sahil? Keep reading.


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