Bittu to hide a shocking news in Jaat Ki Jugni


Bittu is hiding a truth from everyone. The family has celebrations going on. Bau ji asks Bittu why does he look worried, he does not look good, as his smile is missing. Bheem asks Bittu to tell what happened. Bittu is upset as Tau ji passed away. He thinks if Jyoti knows her dad is no more, she would be shattered on her marriage day. He hides the matter and decides to tell everyone later, once the marriage function gets over.

He feels it’s not right to break the news, as Bau ji was also close to Tau ji. Bittu writes a message and shows Bau ji. He tells them that Tau ji is ashamed to refused for Jyoti’s marriage, he is not able to face himself, so he is going away for some time, he does not want to meet Jyoti as he regrets his doings, he wants Jyoti to be happy. Bittu lies to them, and says Tau ji gave his best wishes to Jyoti. He manages the situation well.



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