Chandrakanta-Shivdutt’s marriage halts


Chandrakanta and Shivdutt reach the mandap for marriage. Shivdutt and Chandrakanta exchange varmala. They begin to take the wedding rounds. The marriage rituals get half done. Chandrakanta looks much upset and unwilling goes ahead for the wedding rounds. Shivdutt dreams of making Chandrakanta a Daasi, who will be in his feet all her life. Chandrakanta and Shivdutt’s relation halt before formation. The twist in the marriage is brought by someone dear to Chandrakanta.

Chandrakanta’s mum makes an entry in the marriage, while playing shank. Chandrakanta, and everyone recognized her. Shivdutt wonders who is the lady. Chandrakanta’s mum was captive by Marich. Chandrakanta believed her mum has left her forever. Chandrakanta rushes to her mum, who gets dizzy. Chandrakanta holds her mum and hugs her. Her mum will be revealing a big truth. Chandrakanta gets shocked hearing the truth. She tells Shivdutt that this marriage can’t marriage now. Shivdutt gets a shock.


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