Shivay vows to rescue Sahil in Ishqbaaz


Shivay is not able to tell Anika about Sahil’s kidnapping done by Naintara. Shivay tries to keep things under control and just obeys what Naintara says. Naintara starts troubling Pinky to settle scores with her. Pinky has humiliated Naintara much before. Naintara makes her do work and threatens to tell the truth to Shivay. Pinky gets disheartened when Shivay does not take any stand for her. She realizes her mistake to get Naintara home. Anika can’t accept that Naintara is her mum. She goes to test Naintara and asks about her sibling Chutki. Naintara speaks up wrong that she has just one child Anika.

Anika realizes Naintara is a fraud. She then understands Shivaye is trying to prove Naintara is her biological mum, when the truth is something else. She wonders what is Shivay lying to her. She confronts Shivay over the same, but he does not wish to reveal anything to her, assuming she will get worried for Sahil’s life. Shivay gets a lead by Khanna, and rushes to find Sahil. Anika learns that Sahil is in problem and asks Shivay. Shivay promises her that he would get Sahil safely home. Can Shivay keep his promise and rescue Sahil? Keep reading.


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