Ananya enters as the new bahu in Sasural Simar Ka


Ananya and Aarav got married. Ananya is giving a test. Its her first rasoi rasam. She makes special dishes for everyone. Ananya makes pasta, which annoys Pari the most. Pari asks Ananya why did she not ask them what to make. Ananya says I made sweets too, pan cakes. Mata ji and Simar manage the situation. Mata ji says there should be something new in life, we will have the food made by Ananya. Roshni also helps Ananya and gets some desi dishes.

Pari asks Roshni does she want to show down Ananya by getting food. Roshni defends herself. She gets some gifts for Ananya. Pari always wanted more importance and rights in home than Simar. She is angry seeing Roshni dominating the house and taking credit for Ananya’s hardwork. Roshni is not competing with Ananya for anything. Roshni and Ananya have a friendly relationship. Piyush and Aarav’s bond is also strong. Pari wants to break Roshni and Ananya’s friendship.


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