Ghulaam – Rangeela-Veer’s past connection


Veer has fallen much low. He wants to take revenge from Rangeela and torturing his mum. Veer ties Rangeela’s mum to his mum to his jeep and takes her to the village. Rangeela’s mum gets scared and shouts for help. Rangeela and Shivani get shocked seeing the moment. Rangeela jumps into the jeep and kicks down Veer. He frees his mum. Shivani feels guilty to be responsible for all this tortures. Veer wants to hurt Rangeela’s heart. He knows Rangeela’s mum is his weakness. He finds this way to torture Rangeela. Rangeela acts heroic and outdoes Veer in his plan without fighting. They both have a war and upset each other.

Rangeela gets to know something shocking about his past. He has done many sins in his life, just on Veer’s orders. Rangeela can’t tolerate Veer’s crimes now. He says its enough of slavery now. He catches Veer to kill him and end his chapter for once and all. Choudhary stops Rangeela from killing Veer, and tells him that Veer is his brother. Rangeela gets a huge shock by the past revelation, that he is Choudhary’s son. How will Rangeela and Veer’s change after this brotherly bond getting known? Keep reading.


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