Naira’s special surprise for Kartik in Yeh Rishta….

Kabeer disgusting act YRKKH

Naira encourages Kartik to manage Goenka business. She finds Manish worried. She asks Kartik to share Manish’s burden and take a stand against Aditya, who is intentionally trying to break their family. Kartik understands Aditya’s move to break Goenka family, so that they depend on Aditya again. Kartik makes a decision to manage Goenka office. They all get happiness by his decision. Naira and everyone wish him all the best for the first day at his new office.

Kartik is worried in his office. Naira meets him in office to see if he is much stressed. Kartik tells her that he loves Chole Bhature. Naira thinks to surprise him by making Chole Bhature. She goes home and tries to get the ingredients. She fails to make the dish at home. She thinks to fulfill her commitment and finds a dhaba to go and cook there. Naira makes Chole Bhature for Kartik at the dhaba, and packs it for him. She gets the food for him to office. Kartik gets busy in work and misses to have food. Naira gets annoyed with him. Kartik apologizes to her and takes her out for dinner. Naira and Kartik have dinner. He eats chillies to convince her. Naira then forgives him. They spend some good time.


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