Chakor to learn Ragini’s wicked move in Udaan


Chakor and Suraj have got divorced. Suraj thinks Chakor still loves him and has much hope. She is fed up of the problems arising in her life. She tells Suraj that she is going to thank the new inspector who has caught the truck loaded with illegal arms. Suraj stops her and tells her the importance of mangalsutra. She asks him to stop showing his rights on her now, as he is not her husband now. He reminds their relation and asks her why is she wearing mangalsutra and have sindoor in her hairline till now. She asks him not to care whom she meets and what she does. She realizes Suraj loves her. Suraj saves her from falling down. The couple have an eyelock.

Chakor is upset with Suraj’s betrayal. They have a cute argument. She steps on his feet and leaves from there. He calls her out and tells her that she still has his love signs with her. She asks her why did she not wipe her sindoor after leaving from court. She can’t see anything about the truth that Suraj has fathered Imli’s child. Chakor wants to annoy Suraj more and talks of the new inspector.

Suraj angrily asks her not to step out of the haveli. Chakor does not listen to him, and reminds that their marriage is over now, they have done the divorce proceedings as well. She heads to meet the new inspector. She spots Ragini on the way. She sees Ragini giving money to the doctor and asking him not to tell anyone the truth that she has made him lie about Vivaan’s impotency. Chakor gets a huge shock knowing this truth. She realizes Imli was saying truth that its Vivaan’s child. She learns Suraj’s innocence in the matter. Chakor worries by the huge mistake she did to divorce Suraj and not understanding his love. What will Chakor do now? Keep reading.


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