Rudra’s love interest to make an entry in Oberoi Special


Shivay gets Gauri home and reveals to family that Gauri is Omkara’s legally wedded wife. He asks Omkara to tell everyone what he has done. Omkara does not believe Gauri. Everyone gets a shock knowing Omkara has married and did not tell anyone till now. Shivay and Rudra get upset with Omkara for not telling them such big truth. Buamaa reveals that Jhanvi, Tej and she already knew this truth. Dadi asks Jhanvi why did she not tell them anything. Anika welcomes Gauri home. Shwetlana comes a re-entry. Anika stops her from hurting Gauri. Shwetlana tries to ruin their peace. Omkara reminds Shwetlana that she is going jail because they failed her. Shwetlana tells them that she will come back and ruin them.

Shivay is hurt by Omkara’s step. Omkara apologizes to him. He tells Shivay that he was badly trapped. Rudra is also annoyed with Omkara for not sharing their problems with him. The brothers have an emotional moment. Rudra cheers them. Gauri finds herself lucky to get a loving family. Dadi tells everyone that they will keep Shivay and Anika, Omkara and Gauri’s marriage functions again, so that they all relive the moments. Naintara finds this a good opportunity to rob the Oberoi house and reap some benefits. Rudra waits for the girl who would make him an Ishqbaaz. Rudra will be meeting his life partner soon.


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