Beyhadh to take another short leap


Arjun and Maya have a romantic moment. Arjun lifts her and takes her to room. Maya showers him with love. Maya says much wrong happened with me, I did not try to make it right, today I want to make everything right. She asks him not to put her down. They have happiness after long time. Samay comes to meet Maya. Samay gets the proof of Arjun’s betrayal. Maya gets angry seeing the picture of Arjun and Saanjh. Samay wanted to win Maya’s love by showing Arjun and Saanjh’s relation.

Maya gets mad and kills Samay and Jhanvi as well. She says Arjun has run to Saanjh seeing her in problem, he will come back running to me when my mum dies. She dips Jhanvi in the bathtub and kills her, hoping to win Arjun’s sympathy. The show is going to take a leap. Maya will be seen in a new avatar of a mum.


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