Brothers’ unity to be witnessed again in Ishqbaaz


Shivay tells Anika that they will try their best to expose Pinky’s partner tomorrow. Anika finds Shivay worried. Shivay says this thing is against you, it means it’s against me. He asks her not to feel guilty of anything. He thinks its his mistake to find about her background. Dadi shows Omkara’s childhood pictures to Gauri. Omkara gets angry on Gauri for bonding with everyone more. She tells him that everyone stop her. He tells his decision that he does not want to see her. He asks her to do anything, but her name should not be in Kulpatri. He asks her to better die. Gauri gets heartbroken. Omkara tells Jhanvi that Gauri and he has no relation and all these rituals look so false. Jhanvi asks him to control his anger and not take any wrong decision. She convinces him to come for puja.

The kulgotra puja day finally arrives. Shivay assures Anika that he will find the person against them, and they would always be together. He asks her not to worry for anything. Anika asks Naintara not to create any drama, if Shivay knows of the goons outside, he will call police. Naintara tells her that she will manage everything. Anika asks her to send the goons. Naintara sees Shivay sitting in puja and goes to ask money from Pinky. The brothers go for doing the Maha aarti together. Anika realizes Shivay was saying right, someone from family is helping Naintara.


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