High Five Spoilers

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Shakti: Soumya comes home, but gets kicked out. Preeto and everyone is worried as Harman has got arrested. Preeto shows her annoyance to Mata Rani and asks why did you do this with a mum, I will get my son, even if you sit silent. Soumya asks Preeto to help. Soumya asks Preeto to get Harman out of jail. Preeto does not get ready to help Soumya. Everyone scolds Soumya.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Anjali gets a shock when Vikram tells her that he is going to give her divorce and then marry Tanvi. Anjali shouts on Vikram and calls him mad to give application of his and Tanvi’s marriage. She asks him how could he do this. She tells him he can’t marry Tanvi. She asks him how can he sign on the divorce papers. She does not want to sign and free him. She tells Vikram she is his wife, she can’t let him marry anyone. Tanvi gets hope that Anjali will reform. She tells Vikram that today Anjali showed her rights, and tomorrow she can realize her love for Vikram as well. She says our plan is working, Anjali will change soon. Vikram also hopes so.


Shivdutt is a cruel man. He insults Chandrakanta. He says this day will be written in golden words, as Navgarh’s king and queen will be given punishment today. He tells them that princess Chandrakanta will be performing for everyone today. He tells Chandrakanta that if she does not dance, he will kill his parents. Chandrakanta tells him that Virendra will come as a storm and ruin him. Virendra will be coming and failing Virendra in his motives.


Kokila teaches a lesson to Sameera. Kokila will be seen in an angry avatar again. She gets angry seeing Sameera wear western clothes for the puja. She asks Sameera will she wear such clothes and come for first aarti after marriage, did she not get shame to come here to come in front of Lord and inlaws. She says Sameera is brave to wear such clothes and come, but it’s totally shameful. She asks her to remember that she has come for aarti, not any party.


Choudhary is missing. Gulguli is very much worried. They all fail to find about Gulguli. Jageer also tries to find him. Gulguli thinks how did Choudhary disappear, if he has done everything wrong after his illegitimate relation truth came out. They all doubt Rangeela has kidnapped Choudhary. Gulguli says if he has taken his revenge from Choudhary, I will not leave him. Rangeela scares the haveli guard by showing acid. He asks him to tell how Choudhary left from haveli and with whom. He wants to know where did Choudhary go. The guard agrees to tell him everything.


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